'Great Start'

Building the foundations for a great start to reading and writing in a fun group class

Most of my clients begin working with me when their child is in Year 3. Their child has struggled through the first few years of school and many have been told to wait, things will eventually 'just click'.

This frustrates both parent and child, there is no inner-switch that will 'just' turn on in your child's brain and they will suddenly find reading and writing less challenging.

Don't wait til the frustration kicks in and your child loses the love of reading. Give them the tools they need straight away to set them up for successful learning at school. This group class  suits students in Prep/Foundation and Year One. (Maximum of 4 students)

This class will have a strong focus on:

- explicit, interactive and diagnostic instruction

- sequential, multi-sensory instruction

- phonemic awareness

- explicit phonics instruction

- fluency

- vocabulary

- comprehension

When: Commencing Term Four 2019 (9 x 1 hour sessions)

Where: Axis Allied Health, 1A Keys Street, Beaumaris VIC

How much: $600