"The evidence is clear, whether from research, good practice observed in school, advice from submissions to the Inquiry, consultations, or from Committee members' own individual experiences, that direct systematic instruction in phonics during the early years of school is an essential foundation for teaching children to read. Findings from the research evidence indicate that all students learn best when teachers adopt an integrated approach to reading that explicitly teaches phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary knowledge and comprehension. This approach coupled with effective support from the child's home, is critical to success."

- National Inquiry into Teaching of Literacy (Australia) 2005

Tandem Tutoring offers a literacy program that is explicit, interactive, provides diagnostic instruction, sequential, multi-sensory and integrated. It provides explicit teaching in all areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary knowledge and comprehension. After spending years researching and investigating many of the major literacy programs available, I have found one that far exceeds all others. It is a research based, scientifically proven method. To find out more about The Spalding Method click here.

Anne-Marie O'Hagan - Director

I am passionate about teaching, and have years of experience of helping children learn. I use simple, yet highly effective strategies that have achieved amazing results for my students.


I have special interests in dyslexia and teaching children with autism, particularly girls. I believe that all children can learn and should be expected to make progress.


I graduated from the University of Melbourne (Bac Primary Teaching) and have also completed a Bac Social Science at RMIT. I understand that in the current crowded curriculum not enough emphasis is given to the importance of the basic concepts of reading, writing and math. I have high expectations of both my students and myself and I continually undertake professional development in order to deliver best practice teaching methods to benefit your child.


Charlotte Green - Teacher

Charlotte is a passionate and experienced primary school teacher who has worked in a variety of settings both in Australia and New Zealand. Charlotte is a qualified Spalding Tutor.  She has a keen interest in children's literature and instilling a love of reading.

Charlotte is also the proud mother of three primary aged children, and works part time at a local primary school helping students love to read.