Individual literacy and numeracy classes

These classes are tailored to your child's individual needs. 

Small group classes 

Enquire about small group classes that allow your child to collaborate with their peers.  A 'Great Start' class will be beginning in Term Two for children in Prep/Foundation and Year One who would like to boost their confidence in reading and writing. 

Multisensory Instruction of Language Arts (MILA 1) 

The MILA 1 course is a comprehensive course that gives you an understanding of all aspects of Reading, Writing, and Spelling. In 45 hours, you will gain an understanding of the philosophy and the methodology of the Spalding Method, and learn how to deliver an explicit, sequential,  muliti-sensory, interactive, diagnostic,  integrated literacy approach that can be applied in the classroom and in private tuition.

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Parent courses - enquire about upcoming dates

This ten hour program is designed for parents and invested individuals whose children or students are learning literacy using The Spalding Method. It is also a practical program for any parent that wants to support their child in a meaningful way. The course includes a brief introduction to philosophy, methodology, and fundamental skills to understand the Spalding Approach. 

You will receive feedback, support and direct instruction from a Certified Spalding Instructor.  The course is ideal for those who have not previously undertaken a course and are provided with an introduction and overview of a the Spalding Approach. It serves as a foundation for those wanting to support and enhance the literacy education of their children. There is no assessment requirement as it is an introductory course.

Social Skills Classes

Secret Agent Society is an evidence based program that helps kids 8-12 years of age crack the code of emotions and friendships.

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School Readiness Classes

Social Skills classes for early primary students and school readiness programs with a strong focus on building self-esteem and self confidence.

Positive Paths to Primary incorporates social skills, literacy and numeracy skills to equip all kinder kids with the skills needed for school readiness.

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